Vanguard Gunworks has the ability to obtain just about any firearm or accessory you are looking for. We can even get ammo, knives, and other outdoor gear - all at discounted prices for you. We only keep a small inventory of items on hand, but if you can wait a couple days for items to come in, it may be worth your while.

For all sales, please contact Vanguard Gunworks via any of the 'Contact Us' links to purchase any item. There are no direct web sales at this time.

If you are purchasing a firearm, once it is in the store, all you need to do is prove your identification, Florida residency*, fill out Form 4473, and await the results of a background check through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. There is a mandatory $5 fee for the background check. We accept cash, local checks, Mastercard and Visa. Once the background check is approved, if you have a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, there is no wait. If you do not have a FL CWP, there is a mandatory three day waiting period that begins at the earliest provable date that you ordered or purchased the firearm. You may now take your new firearm with you.

*A valid government issued ID is required to transfer any firearm. To prove Florida residency, a Florida Driver's License or Florida Identification Card is typical. For you part-time Florida residents, aka 'Snowbirds', a valid out of state ID is ok, but additional documents will be required to prove Florida residency such as a Warranty Deed for your Florida home.

Vanguard Gunworks will not transfer a firearm to any person that cannot prove Florida residency or is under the age of 21.

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New Gun Sales

Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro - $799.99

Used Gun Sales

Bond Arms .45 Long Colt Derringer-$BIDNOW

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L.W. Seecamp LWS-380 w/xtras - $BIDNOW

Bond Arms Bullpup9 w/xtras - $1100

Marlin 1895 Guide Gun .45-70 "Pre-Ruger"- $1750

Ruger GP100 .44 SPL - $700

Sig Sauer P226 Legion 9mm - $1100

North American Arms .22 Mag - $275

Other Sales

Sanctuary Security Vault - $99.99

Norma Tac-22 .22 LR 40 gr- $5

Federal American Eagle 9mm, 124 gr FMJ- $17

Hornady Frontier 5.56 62 gr FMJ- $15

IMI 5.56 FMJ - $15

gift card
gift card

Vanguard Gunworks Gift Cards - $25