FFL Transfers

Vanguard Gunworks is a valid and active Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) located in The Villages, in Central Florida.

We will assist you with Incoming FFL Transfers when you purchase a firearm from out of the area and need to use an FFL Licensee to transfer it to you locally.

We can also ship out of the area if you need to send a firearm to someone in another state. Our FFL allows us to ship through a FFL at the other end to facilitate this process.

Another service Vanguard Gunworks offers to assist you is when you wish to sell a firearm to a local individual but don't feel comfortable with giving a stranger a gun. We will complete the proper transfer paperwork recording the transaction and complete a background check on the buyer to ensure the firearm does not go to a prohibited person.

Incoming Transfers

When you purchase your firearm online or elsewhere out of state, the seller will require that you provide a FFL local to you to facilitate the transfer into Florida. Vanguard Gunworks is here for you to get this done at a very reasonable cost compared to other local businesses. Tell them you are using Vanguard Gunworks as your FFL, provide them with a copy of our license which can be downloaded below, or provide us with their information and we will send it to them.

There are pretty much no restrictions on what can be transferred into Florida, however, Vanguard Gunworks does not have the licensing to deal with NFA items, such as suppressors and short-barreled rifles, machine guns, and other fully automatic weapons.

The seller will then ship your firearm to Vanguard Gunworks. Please contact us and provide a tracking number for the shipment so we know when to expect its arrival. You will be contacted once it arrives and has been processed. All you need to do is come in and prove your identification, Florida residency*, fill out Form 4473, and await the results of a background check through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Once the background check is approved, if you have a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, there is no more waiting. If you do not have a FL CWP, there is a mandatory three day waiting period that begins at the earliest provable date that you bought the firearm. You may now take your new firearm with you.

Vanguard Gunworks charges only $25 to complete each transfer. There is a mandatory $5 fee in addition for the background check. We accept cash, local checks, Mastercard and Visa. We always offer a 10% discount for Military and First Responders on our services. Sorry, background check fees cannot be discounted as they go directly to the state.

*A valid government issued ID is required to transfer any firearm. To prove Florida residency, a Florida Driver's License or Florida Identification Card is typical. For you part-time Florida residents, aka 'Snowbirds', a valid out of state ID is ok, but additional documents will be required to prove Florida residency such as a Warranty Deed for your Florida home.

Vanguard Gunworks will not transfer a firearm to any person that cannot prove Florida residency or is under the age of 21.

Outgoing Transfers

Vanguard Gunworks will help you send a firearm to someone out of the state of Florida. It is unlawful for an individual to sell or give a firearm to anyone that does not reside in their same state. You must use a Federal Firearms Licensee to facilitate the transfer for you.

That's where Vanguard Gunworks comes to the rescue. You bring the gun in to us with the name and contact information for who is to receive it on the other end. You must also provide a FFL near their location that is willing to receive the firearm on their behalf. You can download the Outgoing Transfer Form below. Vanguard Gunworks will contact that FFL, ensure they are a valid Licensee, and ensure that the particular firearm is legal in that state. You pay Vanguard Gunworks a $25 per firearm transfer fee at the time you provide us the firearm. We will package it and figure the cost of shipping it to the receiving FFL. We will call you and let you know what the cost is for shipping and handling. You can then pay that in person via cash, check, or credit card, or over the phone with a credit card. We will then ship the item and provide you with a tracking number. We will keep tabs on the item until it is signed for by the receiving FFL.

If for any reason the firearm is unable to be transferred to your person on the other end, you are responsible for the return shipping fees and transfer back to you. You must complete Form 4473 and pass a background check in order to get the firearm back.

Private Party Transfers

Vanguard Gunworks can assist you in your private party sale to an individual that resides here in Florida.

Florida law states that you do not need to do anything to sell a firearm to another Florida resident other than ask if the buyer is prohibited from purchasing a gun. In most instances it is not going to be a problem but we suggest you complete a Firearm Bill of Sale at a minimum. You can download one below. If the buyer resides out of state, you must use a FFL to complete the transfer. See our Outgoing Transfers section above.

But if you are still not comfortable in providing that person a firearm without some kind of assurance that the process is legal and that you will no longer be responsible for that firearm, let Vanguard Gunworks do the work for you. We will facilitate the transfer of the firearm on your behalf, complete with the proper federal forms and a background check through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

This service is subject to our normal transfer fees of $25 payable by you or the buyer. The buyer will also pay $5 for the background check and must be able to prove Florida residency. Just complete the Private Transfer form below and contact us to get started.