Custom AR Builds

When you are shopping for an AR you will find an abundance of selections out there with tons of options at a wide variety of prices. The problem is, you will hardly ever find the exact options you are looking for in one package at a price that is acceptable for you. It then takes a lot of time and money to add or replace existing parts to get the build to where you ultimately want it to be.

Vanguard Gunworks will work directly with you to choose the right components from the start. We will then build you the exact AR pistol or rifle you had envisioned from the beginning without all the extra hassle. This process will not only save you from the headache and stress of trying to get it right, it will save you money in the long run!

So, when you want an AR platform weapon, whether it be a backyard plinker, your go-to home defense gun, target rifle, duty weapon, or SHTF survival tool, come see Vanguard Gunworks to make it perfect for you.

The initial meeting will take about an hour and a fee of $100 is due at that time. This is where you pick the parts that you want in your build. The next costs to you depend solely on the components you choose and what can be sourced at that time. The final build is an additional $100 and includes complete assembly, function and safety checks, and test fire.

NEW HOURS! We are now open Mon-Thurs 12pm-5pm

Breaking Down Components
Work in Progress
AR Rifle Build